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We are canceling the YIMA Flights for February 14, due to weather and rescheduling event for February 21st at 8:00 AM.

Meet at Air Lake Airport at 8:00 AM, Lakeville, MN.  Must send signed registration and EAA forms to YIMA completed by parents with email contacts and parents telephone numbers no later then Tuesday before scheduled discovery flights. Youth and interested adult mentors are welcome.

Please contact Mamie Singleton 651-270-7266 for questions.

The next YIAA session begins soon.
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The Youth Initiative Aviation Academy (YIAA) is a program conducted by the Youth Initiative Mentoring Academies (YIMA).

YIMA is a non-profit organization which develops and conducts specially focused academies for at-risk youth, to develop competence, increase confidence and recognize potential through engaging them in educational and leadership training while receiving role modeling and mentoring from selected adult participants enrolled in the same focused academy


The YIAA is a rigorous program consisting of:
  • Aviation Ground School Training conducted by FAA Certified Instructors.
  • A Discovery Flight plus one hour of beginning, hands-on flight training.
  • Leadership training and experiences through presentations of selected career options in aviation and at least one other career area represented by the adult mentors.
  • Youth mentoring and role modeling from adult enrollees assigned to “partner” with one to two youth as a mentor in the program.

YIAA enrolls 20 youth, ages 8 to 19, for 13 weeks.
At the completion of the program, participants will:
  • Have received hands-on experience in operating an aircraft
  • Have developed a meaningful, positive growth relationship with two or more adult mentors, emphasizing study, setting goals, adult-youth constructive sharing, time management, inter-dependence and affirmation for positive inclusion.
  • Have demonstrated individual and team leadership behaviors in planning, coordinating and decision making.
  • Receive an official First Flight Certificate.
  • Receive an official FAA Ground School Completion Certificate and log of accrued flight hour time.
  • Receive a Youth Initiative Mentoring Academies (YIMA) Certificate.
  • Have had a good time!


Send donations to:

The Youth Initiative Mentoring Academies

c/o Western Bank

663 University Avenue W.

Saint Paul, MN 55104

Any questions, contact Mamie Singleton at 651-270-7266 or 651-489-0143


Downloadable registration forms (to be mailed or faxed in)
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